Surety Bail Political Action Committee

The bail industry has been active in participating in the political process with political contributions. However, forming the SBPAC would create an additional level of organization that would allow legislators to recognize they were being supported by the bail industry. It will allow agents and company employees to make contributions to the SBPAC and deliver SBPAC checks to legislators instead of individual contributions. The SBPAC would create an opportunity for agents to become involved in the political process.

Suggestions and recommendations of candidates to support are welcome from individuals or corporations wishing to make contributions to the SBPAC. If you have questions regarding the SBPAC you may call the ISBAA President, Lee Sexton, at (800) 838-0511.

If you wish to make contributions, please make checks payable to “SBPAC” 250 E. 96th St., Ste. 202, Indianapolis, IN 46240. If you wish the SBPAC will cut a check to the candidates committee of your choosing and you may deliver it to them personally. Or the SBPAC will get it to them for you. If you would like a list of suggested Representatives and Senators you may email Jon Zarich at [email protected].